Roof inspections are an important part of keeping your home in tip-top shape and protected from the elements. DreamHome Remodeling is an award-winning local roofing company that has served DC, Virginia, and Maryland since 1999.

Our commitment to quality has earned us industry awards, positive reviews, and the trust of homeowners throughout the area. We offer roof replacement and roof repair services, and we also provide detailed roof inspections.

Many homeowners go for several years without having their roofs inspected, but there are times when you should schedule a professional roof inspection with DreamHome Remodeling.

Here are three times you should schedule a roof inspection:

A Storm Has Blown Through

A quick walk around your home isn’t enough to determine whether or not your roof sustained damage from hail or high winds. Not all damage can be seen from the ground, and that’s why you should always schedule a professional roof inspection following any significant weather event.

Doing so ensures all damage is identified and documented, so it can be included in your insurance claim. It also minimizes the chance of secondary damage, which can occur when storm damage goes unnoticed.

It’s Been a While Since Your Last Inspection

It’s common for homeowners to pay no attention to their roofs until a leak or other issue occurs. By the time a roof is leaking, it’s probably been damaged for a while. Being more proactive about the condition of your roof helps to extend its life and to protect your home from mold, leaks, and other damage.

You’re Preparing to Sell

Buyers look for different things but all will look at the condition of a home’s roof. If your roof is in great shape, a roof inspection helps you prove that. If it’s not, it gives you a chance to make needed roof repairs before you put the home on the market.

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