When building a new house or upgrading your existing one, it’s important to carefully consider the roof. Your roof installation is not only a critical part of your home’s construction, but it's also an important factor in the overall appearance of your home as well—defining the look and feel of your entire property.

There are many different types of materials and styles used in roofing. Choosing the right one depends on your personal design preferences, the type of home you live in, and the recommendations of your professional roofers. It also depends according to the climate you live in and the investment you’re willing to make into upgrading your home.

DreamHome Remodeling Inc. is a trusted Virginia and Maryland roofing contractor with a team of professional installers and roof repair experts who can help boost the value and aesthetics of your home through top quality products and expert installation. In this article, roof repair experts from DreamHome Remodeling Inc. will go over some of the most popular roofing styles for homes across the country—and the pros and cons of each style—to help you make the right decision about your upcoming home renovation.

Gable Roof

The gable roof is also called the pitched roof and is the most famous type in the United States. One of the most distinctive features of this type of roof is its triangular shape. Normally, gable roofs are built with asphalt shingles, clay or concrete tiles, cedar shakes, and metal.

  • Pros: Water and snow will shed easily off of the side of the rooftop due to the triangular shape. This shape also allows for better ventilation, higher ceilings, and more space for the attic area. Plus, because the design is simple, it is fast, easy, and cost-effective to install. 
  • Cons: Not advisable for high wind and hurricane-prone areas. If the frames are not built properly and the quality of installation is low, the roof is more prone to becoming damaged or collapsing in adverse weather conditions.

Hip Roof

This type of roof is characterized as having slopes on all four sides. The sides of this roof are equal in length and form a ridge by coming together at the top. Just like gable roof, various roofing materials can be used including asphalt shingles, tiles, or metal. 

  • Pros: Because of the inward slope of all four sides, hip roofs are more stable and durable. Also, the slant of this type of roof makes it suitable even in high wind and snowy locations.
  • Cons: This type of roof is more pricey compared to a gable roof because the design is more complex. 

Mansard Roof

Also called a French roof, a mansard roof is characterized as having four sides that can be flat or curved and with a double slope on each side to create a low-peaked roof. Compared to the upper slope, the lower one is steeper. For mansard roofs, it is recommended to use a metal such as zinc or copper for the steepest section of the construction.

  • Pros: Creates more living space in the form or a full attic or garret. If you are aiming for more flexibility in regards to the design and space of your home, mansard roofs are a good option.
  • Cons: The low-pitched part of the roof is not good for locations with heavy snowfall. Compared to other types of roofs, it can be more expensive to build, but the extra space and added character might be worth the additional cost.

Flat Rooftops

Flat roofingis—well, flat. Flat rooftops are also characterized by a slight pitch, so water can fall off the top of the home and into the drainage areas. This can be installed for areas with high or low levels of rainfall and other heavy weather conditions. In general, the most commonly used materials for flat roofs include tar and gravel, metal sheets, PVC, roofing, and rubber membrane. 

  • Pros: Provides additional living space for a patio or garden, and a spot to place heating and cooling units. Also, it is perfect to be used if you want to install solar panels and is more cost-effective and easier to build than pitched types.

  • Cons: More prone to water leakage and is therefore not recommended for locations with high levels of snowfall and rainfall. Also, maintenance and repair can be more costly than other types of roofs.

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