Being a homeowner means being responsible for maintenance. Inspecting, repairing, and replacing the roof as needed is a part of keeping your home beautiful, functional and safe, year after year. 

One of the most important parts of the home is the roof. The roof protects against the elements and ties in the rest of the house together, and ideally is a perfect blend of high-performance function and aesthetically pleasing form.

While the roof is meant to last a long time, it does not last forever. At some point, getting a roof replacement will become necessary. However, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be an opportunity to embrace something new when considering your next roof from a Maryland and Virginia exterior remodeler. In this article, learn more about some of the most popular roofing trends of 2019, and get inspired to start your next roofing renovation—brought to you by your experts at DreamHome Remodeling.

Roofing Trends to Explore

When you update the roof with a professional roofing company, it adds value to the home and is a chance to complement your home’s décor with a desired look and style. Thanks to improving technology and new innovations, these 2019 roofing trends are only growing in popularity.

Some of the most popular roofing trends today include:

  • Going Solar: When solar panels first became available, they were marked by a clumsy appearance, lack of energy efficiency, and extreme expense. However, that was then. Now, solar roofing is a legitimate option for residential homes. Thanks to innovations by companies such as Tesla, in the appearance of solar panels, they now are built to resemble traditional roofing tiles making for a stylish home. While the cost is not quite as excessive as it once was, it is still quite high compared to other options. As the technology continues to be improved upon, it’s expected that the cost will go down while still providing savings on your energy bill.

  • Cooler Roofing: A relatively new technique compared to the new material, one of the latest trends is cool roofing. The purpose of this technique is to reduce heat transfer from the roof to the home below by blending multiple methods into one. The method focuses on reflecting the heat received from the sun. The best thing about this technique is that it can be applied to a variety of roofing materials, colors, and designs to not only enhance curb appeal but also fit your unique style.

  • Metal Roofs: A roofing material that is gaining popularity is metal. Metal roofs are a type of cool roof due to the metal naturally reflecting the sun’s heat. Besides that awesome benefit, metal roofs are also durable, stylish, and can mimic other more expensive materials through metal shaping and finishing. Thanks to installation practices, a metal roof is also a great choice for homeowners concerned with storm damage and hoping to avoid roofing storm repair. However, hail and other forms of heavy impact can still dent the metal if it’s not thick enough.

  • Designer OptionsThis is a varied approach that’s not limited to a single style, material, or design. Instead, a designer roof is one that is built with specific qualities. Live in a storm heavy environment? A designer roof can be installed with storm protection in mind. Live in wildfire heavy areas? Roofs that are fire resistant are available for homeowners. This is one trend that won’t go away thanks to its high level of customization and sustainability.

  • Concrete: Today, homeowners want style, texture, and above all durability so they don’t have to worry about costly roofing repairs. With concrete tiles, those desires are easily satisfied. While the tiles are indeed durable and versatile, they are also extremely heavy. Professional DreamHome roof experts are a must with this material choice.

  • Living RooftopsAn uncommon option that is growing in popularity is a living roof. Bear with us on this one. We all know that moss, fungi, and other plant life are hazardous to the roof’s health. However, with professional installation, you can actually have plant life as your roof’s visible exterior, thanks to the protective materials underneath. Homeowners are finding this option saves them money on their energy bill thanks to the extra insulation provided with this roofing choice.

  • Think SyntheticsThe traditional asphalt shingles are desirable because they’re cheap. Slate, shake, metal, and other sturdier materials are much more expensive. Synthetic shingles made out of recyclable materials such as plastic and rubber are today’s best choices for more sustainable roofing that’s eco-friendly. The material can be shaped and designed to look like the more expensive options, but at a fraction of the cost. In addition, the energy-efficiency and overall quality of the product is nothing to scoff at.

Exploring Options at DreamHome

A properly functioning roof is the difference between a happy and safe home and a condemned, dangerous, and costly one. In addition, a roof update can be that needed step to enhance your home’s curb appeal and make it the best looking house on the block. At DreamHome, we work to provide roofing solutions with your needs and goals in mind. Whether you want to update your style or just want a roof that can stand up to the elements we have you covered from inspection to installation.

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